Heartbreaker 7th Heaven Club Mix SIGNED!!

Ok so, BIG NEWS peeps!! We’ve signed a publishing deal with ‘One Media Publishing’ who have now licensed our BRAND NEW single Heartbreaker 7th Heaven Remix (produced by Dance Production Heavyweights ’7th Heaven’). One Media have released the song officially so it’s OUT NOW on Itunes!!

Buy it here- it’s only 79p (absolute bargain ;0P): http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/heartbreaker-7th-heaven-club/id536648062

We’re sorry we didn’t say anything about signing the deal with One Media Publsihing earlier, but they are a major company and we didn’t want to make any announcements until it was official & now it is- contract signed, done deal :)

So expect to see the song on loads of major Dance compilation albums over the summer!

We’ve already achieved such great things with this single: charting at Number 13 in Music Week Pop Charts as well as being played by major club Djs up & down the UK & abroad. But let’s go 1 step further & chart in the UK Top 40 charts! The only way to do it is through sales, so get behind us & BUY BUY BUY :)

Thanks for all your continued luv & support peeps- means more than you’ll ever know! xx

Ps:- If you’re wondering why the song is out under the old name ’308′, it’s because we signed the deal before we changed our name to ‘Alfie Behaviour’


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