Performance at the St George’s Day Festival

Hey peeps, just checking in!

Yesterday we performed at the St George’s Day Festival event at Surrey Street in Croydon as part of the Croydon Rebuild Project!

The show went great, minus us both almost slipping and breaking our necks on what had to be the shiniest stage floor we’ve ever performed on! It kinda served us right for trying to be fashion forward and rocking the campest chelsea boots ever on Earth lol!

All in all though, we had a great time! It felt good to play our part in helping to rebuild the community and seeing how something which was caused by negative events be turned into positive solutions!

Special shoutouts go to all the people who saw us perform last week & came back to see us again at this performance! Luv y’all millions :) xxxx

Again, it’s always great when people give us good reviews about our performance & even go on i-Tunes & buy our BRAND NEW single ‘Heartbreaker’ afterwards ;0) xx


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