Heartbreaker hits NUMBER 13 in Music Week Charts!!

Great news peeps! After initially charting at number 39, then rising 11 places to number 28 in a week, our new single Heartbreaker has peaked at number 13 in Music Week Pop Charts! On top of that it broke into the Top 100 Overall chart in Music Week!!

The fact that a little song that we wrote in our bedroom studio has charted in the National charts is absolutely incredible! We want to thank our promotions team at Power, Steve O, all of the Djs who’ve played the song & supported us; but most importantly our management for making everything happen & being our biggest support along the way- without them, there would be no us!

Remember Heartbreaker is out NOW on itunes! & keep requesting it on ALL major radio stations! :)

Introducing Alfie Behaviour

New style, new swag, new lane and a brand new name;
introducing… Alfie Behaviour.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, what was wrong with the
old name?! Well to put it simply peeps, we were just really tired of the whole
“boy-band” thing. The gimmicks, the clothes, and the cheesy music- we’ve
outgrown it all. It just ain’t us. So when it came to the name change, we
decided to live by the saying, “If what you’re doing isn’t your passion, you have
nothing to lose.”

Our passion is good music! Not just singing for the sake of singing, but making
music that you can feel: sincere sometimes, frank other times, but candid all
of the time. We’re all about making music that’s truthful; Soul music! Whilst
the new name was inspired by our love for the film Alfie it was also stirred by the fact that Alfie Elkins was good sometimes and bad a lot of the time, but always stayed true to the philosophy that honesty is the best policy.

So Alfie Behaviour is more than just a new name to us, it represents a new style, new swag and a new lane; but most importantly a new way of being… Us! It may not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but we drink coffee so we don’t care.






R.I.P Bee Gee Legend Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb, one-third of the legendary group the Bee Gees, died Sunday after a long battle with cancer. He was 62. And we thought it only right to pay tribute to a musical legend with our favourite Bee Gees song!

What’s u guys’ favourite Bee Gees song??

Song of the Day: Usher ‘Lemme See’

Love love love this song! Usher’s had his critics from R&B fans because they feel like he’s “sold out” and turned his back on R&B in favour of a more Pop Commercial sound. But as this song shows, he’s still making R&B/Hip Hop records along side his Dance/Pop records.

The way I see it is if you love Usher “The Artist” then you should appreciate his music in ALL the forms of his expression.